1992 • Montague Island • Conservation Review

PREPARATION OF A CONSERVATION REVIEW FOR THE MONTAGUE ISLAND BUILDINGS 1992 TO 1993 The MONTAGUE ISLAND HERITAGE PRECINCT is a unique collection of Lighthouse buildings and residences on Montague Island, ten kilometres from Narooma, on the NSW South Coast. The Conservation review for the NSW NPWS was provided over an extended period between 1990 and […]

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1992 • ‘Braemar’ Homestead near Goulburn CMP

PREPARATION A CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR BRAEMAR HOMESTEAD NEAR GOULBURN 1992 Braemar is a fine Georgian building, now modified,on the outskirts of Goulburn. This Plan and Scope of Works was privately commissioned with assistance from a small NSWHC funding grant. The project team were Peter Freeman, Roger Hobbs, and Pip Giovanelli.

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