Peter Freeman Conservation Architects & Planners Pty Ltd and its associated practices encompass a broad range of professional skills and experience. The current practice personnel are listed below.Peter Freeman is a nationally recognised conservation specialist who has been awarded both for his architectural and conservation projects. He is the author/editor of a number of publications on architectural history, architectural conservation and vernacular buildings. Peter is currently Chair of the ACT Heritage Council.Robert Thorne is an architect and urban designer with several years experience, principally with Mitchell Giurgola Thorpe Architects, Canberra. He was the project architect of the nationally awarded St. Patricks Cathedral Precinct, Parramatt Tanny Freeman is a specialist in the preparation of heritage surveys; moveable heritage assessments; and in historic research. Tanny is currently completing a moveable heritage assessment of the Tubbo station Homestead complex, Darlington Point, NSW.Giles Freeman is a multi media graduate with skills in photography, video, film, graphic design, and web site design. Giles is currently completing his final year of Architecture at the University of Canberra.Dr Donald Ellsmore is the other principal of Freeman Ellsmore Conservation Architects & Planners, Sydney. Donald is nationally recognised for his skills and experience in decorative finishes and techniques. Donald was the co-consultant, with Peter Freeman, for the North Head Quarantine Station conservation management plan ( 2000). Robert Thorne is a consultant architect with skills and experience with modern and historic buildings. Robert Thorne was the co-consultant, with Peter Freeman, for the Parliament House Hobart works.

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